5 Quick TV moves to Blast Calories

Save time and blast calories with these five basic exercise moves that you can do in front of the TV – one for every day of the week!

Time-saving and fun 

Losing weight is all about saving – and blasting – calories. That's why exercise and eating healthily go-hand-in-hand.

But when exercise isn't your most favourite activity in the world, it can be easy to push aside.

That's why mini TV workouts have become so popular. They're fun and a great time saver!

Monday: Jumping jacks

    This simple move is a great cardio and strengthening exercise move.
    Jumping jacks target your entire body – arms, thighs, glutes, core and abs.

Tuesday: Sit-ups 

    Sit-ups target your abs and strengthen your core. If they're done often, they can also help increase digestion, stability, and even balance.
    Watch this video to see how to do a sit-up the right way.

Wednesday: Squats 

    The squat is an extremely powerful and versatile exercise move which focuses on the thighs and bum area.
    Bonus: If you want to work your arms at the same time, use a pair of weights to shed extra calories.
    Watch this video to see how to do a squat the right way.

Thursday: Push-ups 

    The push-up is one of the best ways to tone your arms and tackle those flabby bits at the same time.
    Watch this video to see how to do a push-up the right way.

Friday: Lunges 

    Lunges are incredible – not only for toning your butt and strengthening your legs, but also to help improve hip flexibility.
    Add a set of dumbbells to burn even more calories!
Source 5 Quick TV moves to Blast Calories

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