3 Food swaps to conquer the wintertime bulge

Keep the belly from protruding this winter by looking into making a couple of clever comfort food swaps in your own home.

Clever comfort food switches

Winter is well known to make us wish to tuck into all individuals appetising comfort meals and naughty sugary snacks.

But when you need to keep the belly fit this year (and never find it difficult to lose it by spring), now may be smart to start switching up a couple of meals in your own home.

It's not necessary to completely transform the way in which you are eating, simply make a couple of clever swaps.

Simple swaps to assist avoid the belly bulge

    1. Switch your snacks. Buddies arriving? Swap individuals bowls of biltong and peanuts for raisins, dried fruit and pretzels rather.

    2. Don't quit your favourite comfort meals altogether. If you cannot do without pizza for instance, choose a thin base one with increased vegetables and fewer meat and cheese.

    3. Ditch pre-made sugar-dense hot cocoa. Make your own scrumptious hot cocoa by utilizing cacao, and occasional-body fat or body fat-free milk. Go easy considering the variety of sugar you set, or throw a few small chocolate buttons on the top rather, for many sweetness.


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